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We recently reached an absolutely massive follower milestone, and as a massive thank you to all 20K of you, I decided to go through our edits and turn some of them into icons (because lets be real, the more Sam icons that are out there the better right?)

They’re all 100px x 100px so they’re great for tumblr, twitter, livejournal, or for wherever you want to use them really. Credit is not needed when you use these icons, all that I ask is that:

Here’s an example of some of them. 

image image image image

All 148 are under the cut, so if you just want to pick a few of them you can right-click save them, or if you want to download them all in bulk you can do that HERE

Thank you guys so so much for following this blog, for liking and reblogging our edits, and for making all of us here at sammyscreencaps extremely happy and proud. Y’all are kick ass, we love you a lot, and we hope that you enjoy these icons. Here’s to the next 20K!! - From Marie, Ars, Iris & Sas. xoxoxo

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